Dr. Allison Mathews | Community Expert Solutions, LLC

I Ain’t No Sell Out: Be Intentional About Your Company’s Mission

April 10, 2017

What is your threshold for holding true to your values or selling out to make your business successful? It’s a question that every entrepreneur will have to ask themselves as they work to build their brand and increase revenue. A few weeks ago, I met CEO of Seventh Generation, John Replogle, who told a story of how he worked for a well-known company that always pushed him to meet the bottom-line at any cost. He found himself conflicted as a businessman because he believed in ethical business practices that were environmentally sustainable and mutually beneficial to consumers, employees, and the company. After careful thought, he decided to resign with faith that he would be able to find or create a position that aligned with his values. His story inspired me to think more deeply about the challenges that Black entrepreneurs face in holding true to their values while pursuing economic success.