Until the Cure: 2BeatHIV Celebrates HIV Cure Research Day 2017

Written By: Elle

Photo Credit: Kimberly M. Knight

There’s always time for a celebration and even though our most recent festivities held more serious connotations, one could still feel excitement in the air when I walked into Eastway Elementary School on December 14, 2017. Children playing basketball, soulful music with good vibes sounding through the background and a whole medley of radiant faces buzzing throughout the building.

Now the question posed is what are we celebrating? Well let's get straight to it…

The city of Durham as well as the state of North Carolina has officially proclaimed December 14th as HIV Cure Research Day and this is a major milestone for the 2BeatHIV project. 2BeatHIV is a research project based at UNC’s Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease and Department of Social Medicine. They are the actual fieldwork involved in examining social and moral aspects of curing HIV. This is their second annual celebration for HIV Cure Research Day.


Allison Mathews