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Dr. Allison Mathews
Researcher. Speaker. Consultant. Photographer. Entrepreneur.

Durham, NC




Business & Marketing Planning

You've got a great idea but you don't know how to take it to the next level. Maybe you've even launched your company but don't know how to scale. Don't worry, I've been there and I can help you.

As a personal consultant, I will tailor a development plan to meet the needs of your growing business. I can coach you through each step and connect you to my extensive international network of companies, researchers, and business owners.

What I expect from you -- an open mind, dedication to the process, and commitment to growth!

Business Plans | Marketing Plans | Grant Writing | Networking | Professional Development


Stakeholder & Research Engagement

Your work is focused on developing biomedical innovations to transform disease prevention and therapy, but you may not have the time or resources to design and implement a full stakeholder engagement plan.

I can design and implement a sustainable research engagement plan that successfully involves stakeholders in every stage of the research process. I have consulted with several national and international research institutions and non-profits on HIV prevention and cure clinical trials and am the co-founder of HIV Cure Research Day, which was officially proclaimed by the State of North Carolina in 2017.

Research Dissemination | Research Literacy Curriculum & Workshops | Community Partnerships | Recruitment & Retention | CBPR


Diversity & Inclusion Training

If you can identify with any of these scenarios, you may need diversity & inclusion training:

One day you looked around the room and noticed there was no diversity in leadership in your organization.

You recently experienced a series of complaints about microaggressions and inequity in the workplace.

Your company has committed to improving equitable practices that promote diversity and inclusion.

I am an expert in racial/ethnic relations, gender & health equity with extensive experience designing and facilitating modules to promote diversity and inclusion. Let me help you!

Racial Bias Training | Equity | Triple Bottom Line



I am a native of Dallas, Texas, with deep roots to Louisiana. My upbringing and educational experiences developed a strong interest in integrating social justice with arts, research, and technology. I earned a BA in Sociology for Howard University and an MA and PhD in Sociology from UNC Chapel Hill. I work as a researcher at UNC Chapel Hill in the Department of Social Medicine and the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease where I serve as the director of the 2BeatHIV project. I am also the CEO and Founder of Community Expert Solutions, which is a consulting company that uses crowdsourcing to identify and develop community-based projects that solve health problems. We are currently developing Digital LinCS as a software product to match and connect uninsured people to free and low cost medications. Digital LinCS has been selected as a semi-finalist for the Techstars MetLife Insurance Accelerator Program, was the recipient of an NC Idea Micro Seed Grant, participated in the Innovate Durham pilot program with Durham County Health Department, and won the Black Wall Street Homecoming “Pitch, Please!” Contest sponsored by PNC Bank.


My connection to research communications


Since 2009, I have worked in several capacities to design, implement and evaluate research communication strategies. As a social media coordinator for the Institute of African American Research, I developed monthly Twitter Chats #iaarchat to highlight contributions from scholars at UNC and across the country examining issues pertinent to African Americans. As a postdoctoral researcher, I developed the 2BeatHIV project, which uses crowdsourcing contests to engage the public in HIV cure clinical research and design campaigns that promote HIV testing. Through this work, I collaborated with over 50 community-based organizations, businesses, leaders and media outlets to successfully launch a global campaign educating the public about HIV cure research. This campaign included multimedia engagement (I.e., radio, TV, social media), in-person events (I.e., fashion show, hip hop concert, trans women’s empowerment day, forum on Black women in HIV cure research), and consultation with international partners in South Africa, Europe and China. Based on this work, I am working with my co-founders, Alexandria Anderson and Marcus Hawley, to launch a software called Digital LinCS that will match and connect eligible people to free and low cost medications and service providers. We will continue to use crowdsourcing as a bottom-up approach to innovate and refine projects that solve health problems. 



Collaboration with diverse populations:

  • Service providers

  • People living with HIV/AIDS

  • LGBTQ populations

  • Teens and college students

  • Adults living in marginalized and medically under-served communities.

Research Interests Include:

  • Stigma

  • Identity formation

  • Community-academic partnerships

  • Ethics of clinical research engagement

  • Crowdsourcing

  • Social enterprise business

Professional Affiliations:

  • IAPHS Advisory Board for Professional Mentoring Program

  • CRISPR Project Advisory Council for GPP Guidelines for Clinical Trials in HIV, TB, and Ebola in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • American Public Health Association

  • International AIDS Society

  • UNC Center for AIDS Research Community Advisory Board

  • Partnership for a Healthy Durham, HIV/STI Sub-Committee, Access to Care Committee


CEO & Founder,

Community Expert Solutions

Community Expert Solutions (CES Global) is a consulting company that uses crowdsourcing to identify innovative solutions to health problems. We are developing Digital LinCS as a product of CES Global. CES Global transforms the definition of active citizenship through crowdsourcing, which is a ground-up approach that empowers the public to develop solutions to their community’s health challenges.


The 2BeatHIV Project

In 2015, I started the 2BeatHIV project, which uses crowdsourcing to identify community ideas that improve HIV cure clinical research engagement and improve HIV testing. Since 2015, 2BeatHIV has reached over 350,000 people online and 1000+ people at in-person events in North Carolina. 2BeatHIV is being piloted in South Africa and China and is supported by $200,000+ in grant funding. Our work has received several state-wide accolades for its impact on improving health equity in North Carolina.

TEDxDurham Speaker

While doctors research treatments and cures for HIV, members of our communities still deal with the stigma and everyday struggles of this deadly illness. How do we work with and care for those impacted by HIV who are still living daily with this illness?